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Students interested in participating in a 澳门六合彩投注 International Program should visit with their school about available opportunities and any school-specific approval process including guidelines for participation and how to receive credit for the experience. 

Two Types of International Programs 

Faculty-Led Programs

A 澳门六合彩投注 faculty member designs the program in consultation with his/her school, recruits students for the program, accompanies the students abroad, administers the program, and is responsible for the educational content of the program. 

Institutional Programs at Approved Sites

There are two types of approved sites:

  1. An institution with which 澳门六合彩投注 has a collaborative agreement
  2. Approved teaching hospitals, institutions, and health related organizations. This option allows students to participate in programs they select/arrange and which meet individual interests or passions, and includes both approved organizations and self-identified sites.

For more information about our international programs, including approved sites, self-identified sites, and how to apply for a program abroad, please visit the links below. 


Additional Information and Helpful Links