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Connections of a Lifetime

Welcome to your Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Alumni Association. As a member of this network, you can connect and collaborate with an elite group of passionate professionals, working together to advance health care around the world. And with an abundance of resources at your fingertips, you'll be closer than ever to your 澳门六合彩投注 family. So as you continue to achieve great things in the health care community, your accomplishments will always play a vital role in our community of more than 30,000 澳门六合彩投注 alumni, and that鈥檚 an unbreakable bond.

Join the Alumni Association

Your membership in the 澳门六合彩投注 Alumni Association makes it easy to enhance your career and create personal bonds that last a lifetime. Your membership helps support the future of health at 澳门六合彩投注.  Membership dues provide deserving students with scholarships. As a members we invite you to join us at alumni events, gain access to continuing education programs, access to select library services, Pulse and more.


$30 membership level
Young Alumni, $30 per year

Graduates of 1-4 years from your last degrees of 澳门六合彩投注 and those who completed a residency or fellowship.

$50 membership level
Alumni, $50 per year

Graduates of 5 years + of 澳门六合彩投注

$50 membership level
Honorary Alumni, $50 per year

Faculty, staff and friends, as well as those who attended or earned a certificate from 澳门六合彩投注, but did not graduate.

$200 membership level
5-year Membership, $200 

Buy 4 years and receive the 5th year for free. 

$1000 membership level
Lifetime, $1,000

Make a one-time payment and forever be connected to 澳门六合彩投注. Lifetime memberships are open to all alumni and friends.

Member Benefits

Stay Connected
Connect with your 澳门六合彩投注 Classmates and your college.  All you have to do is keep your updated.

Connect with 澳门六合彩投注 Social Media

Network with Peers
Be part of a growing network of 30,000 health care professionals and attend signature 澳门六合彩投注 alumni events. 

Lifelong Learning Opportunities
Gain access to complimentary continuing education courses and 澳门六合彩投注 library resources. 

Supporting the Future
Membership dues provide deserving 澳门六合彩投注 students with scholarships.


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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

澳门六合彩投注 Alumni members automatically receive Pulse magazine. Published twice a year, this university publication shares compelling stories about 澳门六合彩投注鈥檚 people, innovations and impact to inspire its readers to connect and engage with the 澳门六合彩投注 family. For your convenience, Pulse is available in . If you have a story or idea you wish to see in the magazine, please contact Pulse staff: We would love to hear from you! 

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